Community Medication Safety Program

Independence at Home’s Community Medication Safety Program (C-MEDS) is designed to help older adults and their caregivers to help manage medications.

Medications can help us feel better and live longer, but they can also be dangerous if taken the wrong way. Many people make mistakes when taking their medicine. These mistakes can cause serious problems, ranging from falls to medical conditions, hospital stays and even death.

Community Medication Safety Program Flyers

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Do these questions apply to you – or someone you care for?

• Do you have a plan to handle your medications and health issues during an emergency? • Do you take five or more medications?
• Do you take 12 or more medication doses each day?
• Are you currently taking medications for three or more medical problems?
• Does more than one physician prescribe medications for you on a regular basis?
• Do you get your prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy?
• Are there medications that you cannot afford?
• Is it hard for you to take your medications as prescribed, or do you sometimes choose not to?
• Are there any medications that you need or are unable to get?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call us today for help.

Eligibility Requirements:

• An adult 55 years and older who is having issues related to medication management.
• An adult caregiver who assists a person 55 years and older with their medication management.
• Reside in the greater Inland Empire, Long Beach, Los Angeles County or Orange County areas.

*Services are not available for SCAN Health Plan members.

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