Homeless Services

Homeless Services provides short-term care management for adults 55+ and/or their caregivers to help connect with housing resources and services to promote health and well-being.

Person sitting against wood wall, with hand outstretched and sign that reads.

The Independence at Home Homeless Services team is here to help you find and connect you to the services and resources you need to stay healthy and independent … wherever you are and at no cost!

One call puts you in contact with a highly trained, intake worker who will listen and answer your housing questions. Whether you need assistance or you’re a caregiver for someone who needs assistance, we are committed to helping you find a solution.

Homeless Services Flyers

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“My Care Manager always puts in a thousand percent; she has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so grateful for this program and all the work done to make sure I can go home safely.”

–IAH Homeless Services Client

“I'm so grateful IAH came into my life to help me when I needed it the most - they've really come through for me.”

–IAH Homeless Services Client

*If you are a SCAN member, please call Member Services (800) 559-3500 for information about your benefits.

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