Technology | Education | Coaching (T.E.C.)

Technology Coaching program that provides individualized training sessions to members of the community. The goal of the program is to increase access to healthcare and socializations services online.

Five seniors use smart phones.

Knowing how to operate a personal device can be a bridge to countless health and supportive services but not everybody has had the opportunity to learn and develop the necessary skills to comfortably navigate a device (iPhone, Tablet, Desktop, etc.). We can help!

Our trained Digital Coaches at Independence at Home provide individualized training to older adults and their caregivers in order for them to gain access to online services and programs.

T.E.C. Flyers


“I am just calling to say thank you again so much... from the bottom of my heart for teaching me all the things you taught me on how to use my iPad. You have been so wonderful, and I greatly appreciate it. There aren't words adequate enough to fully express how I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

–IAH T.E.C. Client (voicemail to Digital Coach)

*If you are a SCAN member, please call Member Services (800) 559-3500 for information about your benefits.

A senior and a younger person use a laptop together.

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